Thursday, November 27, 2014




 Hey Galz!!! It's Cupcake_Kitten here, you're favorite trendsetter!
Here's the latest trends at SGMS ( Sandy grove middle school):

Latest trends:

- Earplugs: Cool, easy to wear, and using these during class is a breeze as long as you have a hoodie or long hair to hide them.

- The word ''Bruh": Super popular right now and is currently used by girlz and boyz. It's fun to say and has it's own app!

- Phones: Well duh, phones are sups popular!!! If you have an Apple or Android then YOUR COOL!!!!

- App: "Daddy long legs" is a cool new app that's almost as addicting and frustrating as " Flappy bird" was! This app is Free and is sky rocketing off the charts!

- Nicki Minaj: With her sups popular song, Anaconda, Nicki M. is a star worth noticing! If you haven't heard of her, then you SUCK!

That's all for now! Come back next Thursday for new updates!

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Note from author:

Hey GG's, it's your soon-to-be fav blog host here, cupcake_kitten!
I'm super excited for mah new blog which is dedicated to the who, what, where, when, and why of Sandy Grove Middle School!!! Happily, I'm not the only one working this sups Kawaii blog!!! Three of my bffs will have their own page on our blog so you'll have much more fun deciding which "Glitter Gal" is your fav!!! Here are my three other Co-workers/Bffs:

Co-worker/Bff:                      Blog column:
Sky42                                   Gossip

Neonwolf64                          Art/competitions

Terrascott123                      Advice

And my column will be about the coolest trends at SGMS. So there you go! There will be time for Fan letters, cool competitions, and obsessive amounts of glitter later on!!!! SEE YA LATER GG'S, NYA!
                                         From Cupcake_kitten